John Dickinson began a business delivering coal from Winston train station in 1955. The train station closed in 1965, but even before that, John Dickinson had begun to diversify away from coal, to general haulage. Indeed, he continued to deliver coal, even after the train station closed, though he had to use a different supplier.

When the train station closed, he bought the site. The original ticket office was used as his offices. In 2003, the ticket office was rebuilt on its original site, and the new building also serves as the offices of John Dickinson Transport.

John Dickinson began his business as a sole trader. He soon involved his family. It has remained a family business, even though it is now incorporated as John Dickinson Transport Ltd.

John Dickinson Transport has carried the floats for the Lord Mayor’s show in London, on a number of occasions.

This is the new building for our offices which stands on the original site of the ticket office.